Raging Stallion Jackboot Over the Knee Paddle


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  • Made By: Icon Brands Inc.
  • Box Dimensions:
         Length: 15.00 in.
         Width: 4.50 in.
         Depth:1.25 in.
         Weight: 0.5565 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Code: RS6001-4

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Nothin says I care like a swift kick in the ass! This wood jackboot paddle with rubber boot tred always leaves a lasting impression.

Raging Stallion gets into the S/M game with this compact wood and leather paddle. When over-the-knee discipline is required, Jackboot is ready to make a lasting impression. Up-close swatting was never easier.

  • So impressive, you can hang it on your wall as art.
  • With the right amount of , the guy's ass will almost look like you gave him a tattoo.
  • Sometimes a bare hand on an soft ass will not do, that's when you pull out this motherfucker.