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Icon Brands Try Curious Kitty Kit

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Icon Brands Try Curious Kitty Kit


Four fun kitty pieces in one kit!

Cos-play or foreplay, the Kitty Kit might be the most fun you can have with a cotton tail and furry ears! Its Icon Brands four-piece fun kit, with big, pink kitty ears, a sexy conntontail butt plug, a pink leatherette collar with a pink leatherette heart and because theyre a kinky little kitty, two beautiful couture clips that drip matching pink leatherette hearts from her erect nipples. The butt plug is silvered for non-porous sterility, the nipple clips are variable pressure for just the right pain/pleasure mix, and the collar is adjustable of course. Turn that bedroom into a "playroom" with the kits that really turning heads, even if they do have big pink ears! Its the Kitty Kit, only from Try-Curious by Icon.


  • Furry bunny tail plug
  • Pink plush and faux-furry kitty ears headband
  • Leatherette heart collar
  • Weighted heart nipple grips
  • Perky ears create a playful atmosphere
  • Collar adds a touch of elegance and is adjustable for the right fit
  • Dangling pink hearts accent collar and add weight to the nipple clamps
  • Nipple clamps have soft grips and liding O-ring for the perfect pinch
  • Metal cotton tail plug can be heated up or cooled down with water for thermal play and is easy to clean
  • A great kit for beginners and experts alike

To Clean

After use, rinse or wipe with a mild soap and water, or try toy cleaner for an even quicker clean up. Let air dry and store in clean discreet place for next time. Water based lubricant is best to use, but do to the material of the butt plug, any lubricant can be used with no worries of ruining the toys surface.

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Product Details

  • Made By: Icon Brands Inc.
  • Box Dimensions: Product is not in any packaging or box.
  • Manufacturer Code: IC8016

Icon Brands Try Curious Kitty Kit $25.95
Icon Brands Try Curious Kitty Kit $25.95
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