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Full Movie: Carol Penelope 2

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Carol Penelope 2

You are on a beach vacation with blonde Brazilian bombshell Carol Penelope, who definitely puts the "naughty" in nautical. After a hot day at the ocean, the two of you recline to your maritime themed room. You're exhausted, but Carol wants to take you on a deep-sea exploration of her own. She begins by pulling down her hot pink bikini top and rubbing on her big, beautiful titties. Your eyes scan from her gorgeous golden locks, down her sun kissed body, and land on her bouncing, bubble butt. She slips her bikini bottoms to the side and starts jerking her pretty lady stick. Her hot red nails dig into her butt cheeks as she spreads her trans girl pussy wide open for you to devour. Talking dirty to you in Portuguese, she spanks her ass, and even makes it clap. Wearing nothing but a pair of black high heels, face down and ass up, she grinds her hips against the mattress and strokes her massive, glistening cock. As she gets closer and closer to cumming, the ebb and flow of her edging drives you crazy! Just when you think you can take it no longer, a big, wet and juicy orgasm crashes over Carol. She licks up the spoils of your aquatic adventure, and the two of you float away into paradise together.

Released:Oct 12, 2016
Director:Sammy Mancini
Length:21 min

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