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Full Movie: Ayumi's First Time

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Ayumi's First Time

Is being a virgin such a big deal these days? Making a first step towards a guy of your dreams can indeed be rather hard, and the biggest problem is that its getting even harder if you dont have any experience in such relations and how could you have it, if youre a virgin? What a paradox! In our newest VR porn movie called Ayumis First Time, Ayumi Anime will become an aforementioned virgin with a rather huge problem that Cherie Deville will try to solve for her. Okay, we know that youre not stupid and you are aware that none of our VR pornstars is a virgin thatd literally be illogical and would make no sense but this is just a VR porn fantasy, so our hot girls are only playing their roles, and even though its one of the immersive 3D 360 virtual reality porn ones, this still isnt real and you shouldnt be thinking about it as much as you do now! Going back to the topic, since in this VR porn video Ayumi will be just a shy virgin in need that cant do anything about her current situation, her older colleague (and her mom for the needs of this VR porn fantasy) will present her a sex doll with a huge dick that she could train on. This way she doesnt have to make a contact with any real guy just yet, and she can practice as much as she wants in the comfort of her own room. Since its always easier to make some first steps accompanied by someone whos already experienced, Cherie will show some of her best tricks on the doll in front of the Ayumi, so she can learn and repeat after her this way by the end of the day both girls will be equally qualified and ready for a real cock like yours!

Released:Jul 06, 2019
Length:33 min

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